Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the work on the website for sale? Who should I contact about purchasing a print?

    Most of the work on this website is available for purchase. Please contact Bruce directly for more information.


    Does Bruce do commercial / editorial work?

    Yes, Bruce does a variety of commercial and editorial work. He is represented by Magnum Photos who can be contacted here.


    How can I obtain permission to use images found on this website?

    Please contact Bruce directly and explain how you would like to use his work.


    Does Bruce give lectures on his work? How do I invite him to speak at our institution?

    Yes, Bruce has given many lectures on his work at a variety of functions. Most recently he gave talks at Apple and the Look3 Festival. Please contact Bruce directly if you are interested in having him speak at your institution giving him as many details as possible.


    Is Bruce available for commissions? How do I inquire about hiring him?

    Yes, Bruce does a variety of commissions. Please contact Bruce and include in the message the details of the commission request.