1981. Commission Lightwork, Syracuse, NY, USA

1991. Commission in Kurdistan, Medecins Sans Frontieres 20th Anniversary, Paris, France.

1993. Commission “Bilbao Metropoli-30”, city of Bilbao, Spain (book)

1993-1994. Commission ‘Bleus”, Mission Photographique Transmanche. C.R.P Nord pas de Calais, France. (Book “Bleus” Cahier N#13.)

1996-1998. Commission “After The Off”, Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland (Book).

1999. Commission “Ciganos”, Centro Portuguès de Fotografia, Lisbon, Portugal (Book).

2000. Commission “GMT 2000”, a portrait of Britain at the Millennium, England, (Catalogue).

2003- Commission “Périples”, the cultural Olympiades 2004, Athens, Greece,  (Exhibition & Catalogue).

2004. Commission “NorthSouthEastWest”, The Climate Group, London, UK, (Exhibition & Book).

2007. Commission“L’Image d’Aprés”, Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France ( Book).

2008.  Commission “Insight America”, Magnum Photos, Florida, first segment of his four part project on foreclosures in America (Book).

2011. Commission “Head On”, Format International Photography Festival, Derby, England. 

2011. Commission ‘l’Italia E Gli Italiani”, Intesa Sanpaolo, Turin Italy.

2011-2013. Commission London, The Archive of Modern Conflict, London, England (Book).

2012. Magnum collective project “Postcards From America”, Rochester, New York, USA

2013. Magnum collective project  “Postcards from America”, Miami, Florida, USA.

2013. Commission in Bogota, Colombia, Archive of Modern Conflict, London, England.

2013. Commission “Open For Business”, Magnum Photos and Multistory, London, England.

2013. Commission ‘Black Country Stories”, Multistory, West Bromwich, England.

2013. Magnum collective project “Postcards From America”, Milwaukee, Wi, USA (Exhibition & Book).

2014. Commission “American Made”,  Leica S Magazine, Leica, Germany (Book).

2015. Commission, in New York, Paris, Manchester, Johannesburg and Hong Kong for RATP Parisian transportation system, Paris, France. The work was exhibited in 17 Parisian metro stations throughout the summer (Book).

2016. Magnum collective project “Postcards From America”, Hawai, USA.

2016. Commission “Against The Wind” in Detroit, Michigan, for Leica London.